Monday, July 28, 2014

A new card

I love making cards! It has been something I've enjoyed doing for about a year now! I never really made them until I met a friend of mine. She lives a ways from me so we started to write back and forth. She made cards so it got me interested! My older sister already had a lot of paper because she liked to do a few cards or maybe a scrapbook. So I would try my best to make something and eventually, I got better.
                                             I found one like this on Pinterest and I loved it!
Instead of the tag that says, 'hello' on it, they had, 'Thank you for being you." Which is really sweet and I might do that sometime. But not for this one. It was a little bit bigger than I planned it to be but hey, no ones perfect! I just made a plain orange envelope to go with it and its ready to go!

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