Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tennessee Road Trip

The last week of October me and my two sisters went up to North Carolina and Tennessee for the whole week! There is a couple at our church take a trip up to NC every year for the whole summer. They know the man that owns the camp grounds and he let's them keep their camper there for the whole year. Anyways, she's been wanting us to come up and stay with her for quite some time now. We were finally able to do it and another friend of ours was able to go as well!

But before we headed towards NC we had to stop for some breakfast at Dunkin Donuts!
Plus coffee! *smile

We were super excited about going!! The long 7 hour drive gave us plenty of opportunities to catch
good selfies!
 When we finally got there we stayed in Mrs. Kathy's camper (which is in NC), for two days. We went to a few little consignment shops and stores, walked through town and just window shopped. When we got back to the camper we played two games of Phase 10 and Jennifer won both (pure luck).

This is a couple pictures from outside her camper. It was very nice, on the mornings when it was warm enough we could sit in the chairs she had set out, drink our coffee or hot
chocolate and enjoy the beautiful river!
We didn't do to much around there but on Wednesday we drove to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! I have always loved going there. If I had a choice to live anywhere I wanted, it would be Tennessee. 
When we arrived, the first place we went was a restaurant called the Old Mill. It was super packed but totally worth the wait. There food was amazing!
After a late lunch we shopped at some of the little shops around the area and then went on to the condo. I've stayed in hotels before, and even a small chalet but nothing compared to what we were at!
 This was like a mansion compared to a camper! There was so much space and it was so big! We even had a porch! 
 In the cabinets were glass plates, bowls and even crystal glasses! With the big refrigerator and bowls, we decided to make a snack for that night! We bought some chips a hoy cookies, cool whip and milk. We dipped the cookies in the milk and placed them in the bowls, on top of them we put a spoon full of cool whip. After a few stacks of those we placed them in the fridge and waited for them to get nice and cold. It calls for an easy and delicious dessert.  
As for the rest of the week, we spent our time looking through some of the neatest little shops! We did some buying, and some window shopping! =)
What I love most about TN is the country! The mountains are so beautiful!
 It was the perfect time of the year to go because the leaves had changed color. Although it was hard to catch on camera.

 The photos are taken by my sister. I wasn't able to take my camera because of some complications so I just decided to steal some of my sisters pictures since she can take much better ones than me. =)

 The first day we arrived in TN we went hiking on some trail. It was very pretty and had a long river beside it. Me and Bethany also did some climbing. Walking farther down the trail, it had started to get really steep on the side. Bethany really wanted to get down my the river for some pictures so me and her climbed down the steep, slippery hill and walked on the bottom while Jennifer, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Linda were at the top just worried to death that we would break a leg!

After hiking, the rest of the week we just window shopped and walked around the area. In one area of shops we took a picture that was on Jennifer's bucket list.
They car we had, had a sunroof, so we climbed out the top and took a picture with the cars in the background. Just making memories!
Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I had no idea it was going to be this long but there was just so much to tell! =) Have a very blessed day!


Monday, November 3, 2014

A Good Find On Our Trip

Last week we went up to Tennessee with a couple of friends from our church, I'm already planning another post about it so that will be up soon! While we were up there we went to a store called I. R. Cheap. It was a very interesting store and had some really neat stuff. We were almost done looking when me and Bethany went by this one booth. The first thing she saw was a mandolin hanging on the wall. It was the same color that mine was when I had one but the style was different.
She looked at the price and it was $85 for the mandolin, a chord book and the case. After checking everything out we finally decided to get it.
All it needed was some major tuning and it was ready to play! I'm excited about getting back in my family band!

Have a blessed day!!