Monday, March 2, 2015

Valentine Banquet

Well, February is already gone and past, especially Valentines Day. Unlike every Valentines I actually liked this one. Most of the time its just another day for me because there is nothing special about it for me except the discount candy on February 15! *smile There was no special person for me but there was a special moment!
  Some friends of mine that live about an hour away were telling me about a Valentine banquet that most of the couples go to every year and this year they were letting the teens go! So they invited me and said that they get to wear formal dresses. Since they're all homeschoolers and Christians they don't go to proms or anything like that, but they never get to wear formals. So the parents decided that this would be a good time for that! I didn't have a formal so I would just wear my Sunday best.
   When we got to my friends house, one of the girls had an extra dress that was my size! It was the most beautiful formal ever!! I was so excited because I had never worn a formal or gone to a Valentines banquet so this was all new for me! With 6 girls trying to get ready all at the same took about 3 hours for everyone to do each others hair, make up and nails! But it was a lot of fun!
   We didn't have any dates or anything just 2 poor fellas that had to deal with us girls the whole time! Haha!
  Overall it was a great time and I really enjoyed it!
 These are just a few pictures we took, they aren't really good quality because they were taken with a IPad, but I hope you like them!
 (Left to right), Stephanie, me, Norma and Scarlett

 This was a lot of fun to take! Gotta love the sass!
(left to right), Stephanie, Scarlett, Savannah, Cassie, Norma and me!

 and Stephanie!