Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Part 1

So everyone has their normal family traditions that they do for every holiday. Even on Memorial Day people have something special planned. Most of the time it's a big day for a cookout with family and friends and play some games or something.
   We normally try to have people over and set up the volleyball net but it seems like every year the people we try to get always have something else planned. But we still had a blast this year!!
   We were at Daddy-Laynes for Memorial Day and had smoked Boston butt, grilled BBQ chicken, heart attack Mack-n-cheese, killer baked beans with homemade ice-cream for dessert! What more could you ask for? 
   The day started out kinda slow and we just worked around the yard, in the house and put up pickles! One thing I love is homegrown, dill pickles!
Bethany cut the garlic up and put them in the mason jars that Daddy-Layne had put the dill seed in. 

Next Jennifer would stuff the jars full with the cucumbers that Mama had cut.

Then I would fill them up with the boiling, vinegar, salt water, screw the kids on tight and place them upside down.

Once the pressure has been built and they are sealed we place them in a cabinet and let them sit for a few months. Until then, we have last years pickles we put up to enjoy!
   So that was the start off to our Memorial Day! Along with playing ping pong. I'll go ahead and mention that I beat Daddy-Layne and Bethany! But it was definitely some competition! 
     I'll post part 2 hopefully sometime this week! God bless!! 

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